Ministry of Health Research Division

Research science section aims at promoting and coordinating health research in Malawi. For this achievement to be viable, the section has:

  • To strengthen and promote health research capacity within public and private institutions through training in research methods applied to health systems and public health in partnerships with interested stakeholders and academic institutions in Malawi.
  • To make practical applications possible. Hence it has to create opportunities for researchers to conduct studies by providing funding portals, research guidance and offering direction for study results dissemination through research committees.
  • To strengthen the conduct of research by developing and updating research policies and guidelines for researchers. This is inclusive of all other national policies regarding research.
  • To conduct health research in partnership with various stakeholders on national priority areas according to the National Health Research Agenda in Malawi.

In general, Research Scientists help in;

  • Planning and conducting experiments/ studies
  • Recording and analyzing data
  • Carrying out fieldwork i.e., collecting data
  • Disseminating results for studies
  • Writing research papers, reports, reviews and summaries
  • Preparing research proposals and funding applications/bids
  • Ensuring that quality standards of research are met
  • Keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments